A Wheel of Time Roleplay Community

The Wheel of Time turns, and ages come and pass. In this Age, called the Third Age by some, a wind blew through the Spine of the World. It was not the beginning. There are neither beginnings, nor endings to the Wheel of Time, but it was a beginning.

The wind whistled past jutting mountains and steep-faced chasms, curling around ruins from time out of memory. It lashed a stone column which leaned in a cleft, forlorn and forgotten. The pillar bore symbols from another Age, one a circle with an upside-down triangle within its unbroken line.

Return to one of the longest running and most popular persistent worlds in Neverwinter Nights. From the hills and bogs of the Two rivers to the scorching cold of the borderlands, meet familiar characters, join your favored political faction, and explore the Wheel of Time world in all of the beauty that Neverwinter Nights has to offer.

Join us for frequent scheduled events, expansive faction conflict, articulate world design, deep player-focused roleplay, and an incredibly helpful and friendly community. Brave treacherous dangers, plunder old forgotten ruins, fend off bandits, sail the coasts of Randland, and face off against everything the Dark One has to throw at you. Conquer your destiny and solidify your place in the Age Lace of the Wheel of Time.

The Third Age - Enhanced Edition is the latest major chapter for the NWN Wheel of Time community. The community is led and supported by a veteran cast of talented game-masters, administrators, and developers from throughout that community, including but not limited to staff from: The Third Age, The True Source, Mirrors of the Pattern, Shadow Rising, and Beyond the Pattern.

If you possess the talent, time, and desire to help make The Third Age community the best that it can be, drop us a line in Discord chat.