Dragonsworn Gathering Dispersed.

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Dragonsworn Gathering Dispersed.

Post by TheCapulet » Sun Nov 25, 2018 9:04 pm

Lord Davis is seated in his private office when the head maid delivers some correspondence from Kings Crossing, an old town alongside the Manatharendrelle River on the border of Murrandy.

The report details the results of Lord Davis's reinforcements to the area at the request of the local Lord and Mayor of the town. While holed up in his crumbling manor, he received reports from his officers that the dragonsworn seem to have dispersed for the moment.

The two mercenaries that Lord Davis sent in response for the request for help were vital in securing the area, and a nearby ancient fortress ruin, from the dragonsworn invaders.

Upon Reading it, Lord Davis smiles and sends it off with his clerk to Whitebridge to post along the message boards. Not only to prove that the Queen's Land shall be protected no matter the costs, but also to show the town folk and travelers that he is still taking a direct hand in the safety and stability of his region of Andor.

To the Honorable Lord of Davis Estates,

We received your reinforcements in a very timely manner. I can't thank you enough for lending your soldiers in our time of need. Rest assured that any reports going to the capital about the incident will surely include your name and the efforts you've put forth for the needs of Andor.

Though I would have preferred a force with a more serious sense of presence, the soldiers you sent, beyond all odds, accomplished what my small garrison could not. For that, they should be commended.

From what I've gathered, two more individuals joined you mercenaries in their duties, though I've also read that one of them turned coat to help the dragonsworn. Perhaps he was of their kind already, and simply blended in with their group when the opportunity arose. I'm not certain either way. But I can be certain that he was one that joined your soldiers, and not someone you had sent personally.

But whatever transpired, you have my grateful thanks for your assistance.

May your estate prosper alongside the might of Andor,

- Lord of Kings Crossing

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