Seven dead in Four Kings!

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Seven dead in Four Kings!

Post by Eightgenerals » Wed Aug 15, 2018 5:33 am

A post circulates through the town, despite several attempts by Guardsmen and a few neutral parties, describing the recent crime spree...

Seven men were found dead across Four Kings, and these were no trampled refugees: Five of them were Children of the Light! Mistress Hannah, of the town Brothel, reported to the guards that three of her patrons, all members of the Children, spent the night in her establishment only to be found dead in the morning. She was outraged, both because of the dead Children in her establishment, and because the Guard arrested three of her girls as the only suspects. Other bodies were found over the course of the week, two more of them Children, and two, unknown men.
A local refugee was willing to sit with this newswriter over a bit of drink and share his account of being bullied by a pair of investigators, one he swore up and down to be a witch, into following into the woods north of town. There, they found one of the bodies, accompanied by a pair of unknown men. Out of fear, he stayed too far back to hear their exchange, but then they began to murder each other, the accused witches' sword aflame, among other abnormalities. He claims he later found the final body behind the local Stables, while seeking shelter for the night.
For his own safety, this newswriter has decided to keep his informant anonymous. But the questions stand! Did three Brothel Girls murder children of the Light? Did two unknown men kill another Child in the woods? Were the Investigators secretly an Aes Sedai and her Warder? What happened to the last body? If anyone has any answers to these questions, this newswriter urges you to contact him.

At the bottom is the Newswriters contact information. Beside it is notification of his arrest by the Guard for disregarding the Authority of, and evading, Lawful Authorities.

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