Whitebridge Redux

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Whitebridge Redux

Post by GatorBodine » Thu Jan 03, 2019 7:03 am

I prefer using forums for this kind of thing instead of Discord.

I feel like Whitebridge is a little lacking compared to what it is in the books. Obviously, the whole point of the town is the giant technological wonder that is the bridge itself. It's a relatively large trading hub, as it's the only Arinelle crossing point for many, many miles in either direction. As such, it's also a large river port.

I don't feel like the Whitebridge as it is on the server reflects this, so I went ahead and made a mockup of how I think it could be improved. Granted, I haven't used Aurora in 15 years, and even then I was terrible at it, so consider this a rough sketch. There are many, many aspects that could likely be improved. If anyone is interested in this, let me know and I can attempt to figure out how to send the mod to you, or use it as inspiration for your own creation.

In the second pic, I've circled the major points of interest.

Top left: Guardhouse. This would also be a good place to introduce new players to the local hunting areas. Have the NPC say something along the lines of, "We've had problems with river bandits lately. Rumors say they are holed up in an old bear den, but be careful." Or, "There's been someone stirring up trouble south of town."

Top middle: Wisdom's house.

Top right: Mayor's house. Have the Mayor give some background info on the town, region, whatever. Maybe he even rewards some gold and minor XP for bringing him the Emissary's Note.

Middle right: Wayfairer's Rest, the only named (IIRC) tavern in Whitebridge. It was roughly situated between the town square and the gates to Caemlyn. I feel like Whitebridge is missing a place where PCs can just sit and chill.

Bottom left. Dock Warehouse. I envisioned an NPC outside ready to tell PCs about a rat problem inside. This new area could replace the rather useless Davis Manor rat encounter.

Bottom middle: Seamstress, blacksmith, fletcher. I think the blacksmith and armorsmith could be combined into one NPC.
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