Channeler Classes Development

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Channeler Classes Development

Post by Eightgenerals » Wed Aug 15, 2018 5:53 am

Hey, friends.
These will be the current models for the new Channeler classes. Once we're able to implement them, this is what will be hitting the module, and I personally plan to experiment with each once they're live to help determine what tweaks need made. Epic Features are still up for debate.
Feel free to post with questions or concerns, but in the meantime, we'll be working on the non-channeling classes.

Sai'Drin(Soldier of the Power)
Formerly the Sorcerer, this class combines Martial Training with Channeling. They are most dangerous at close range, with their access to all the Damage Shields in the game, combined with whatever other buffs the Sai'Drin chooses to take, but they still gain decent Healing and ranged options. Their weakest point is Control Weaves.

Spellcasting Attribute: Charisma.

⦁ Specialty Weaves: The Sai'Drin holds dominance in the field of Damage Shields, and inherits the Bards former Spell List.

⦁ Saisa'Rieht (Balance in Power) -- The Sai'Drin has learned how to balance their training in the One Power as well as Martial Combat. You receive a bonus to Attack Bonus equal to your Charisma Modifier.

Formerly the Wizard, the Scholar relies more on skill and technique than raw power. They gain more skills than most other classes and more Weaves in general than any of their fellow Channelers. They also have the easiest time gaining Metamagic thanks to Bonus Feats. They're strongest at Control, but notably weak in Healing.

Spellcasting Attribute: Intelligence.

⦁ Specialty Weaves: The Scholar has a vast Suite of Control and AoE Control Weaves, and can hold targets with more than just Threads of Air. They receive Ranger Healing Spells, but nothing else is added to their spell list.

⦁ Studious: Scholars will have the easiest time learning Cap's "Book skills." In addition, they gain more Skill points per level than the Wizard and have an expanded list of Class Skills to choose from.

Formerly the Cleric, the Adept was built around versatility, taking advantage of the Clerics domain system to allow one to choose their two powers and build around them. The common factor between Adepts is their strong Healing potential, but they aren't amazing at high damage offensive weaves.

Spellcasting Attribute: Wisdom.

⦁ Specialty Weaves: The Adept has access to the strongest Healing Weaves, and receives a number of weaves from the Paladin List.

⦁ Versatility: Cleric Domains have been remodeled to represent the Five Powers, and the two you select have a far greater impact on your spell selection, as well as granting buffs to any Weaves that make heavy use of that power.

Formerly the Druid, this class does away with the wilderness theme (No more companion or Wild Shape, no summons) in favor of a more dedicated Elemental Wreath. Once you choose a wreath, it's yours, representing your characters strength with one of the five powers, and it evolves as you gain Elementalist levels. You also have access to an array or strong AoE offensive Weaves, but the Elementalist isn't as good at defensive weaves.

Spellcasting Attribute: Wisdom.

⦁ Specialty Weaves: The Elementalist excels at dealing damage to multiple targets with their large list of AoE Weaves. They don't gain additional spells from a list.

⦁ Elemental Wreath: The details still need worked out, but Animal form and Companion have been removed. Now, the Elementalist chooses an Elemental Wreath, representing their strongest power, which grows as they level. Additional Abilities and "Form" buffs are added as you level.

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