Essay for Accepted Ishara

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Essay for Accepted Ishara

Post by Morganlefey » Thu May 23, 2019 1:43 am

*A neatly handwritten essay is left for Accepted Ishara from Raelyn*

The One Power and the True Source

Both are made up of two conflicting yet complementary parts. The female half is Saidar, and the male, Saidin. They work against and with each other within the True Source. The male half of the Source has been tainted causing any Man who channels to eventually go mad and cause havoc unless he is killed or gentled.

Saidin and Saidar each has separate properties, that work at the same time with and against the other. Only women can touch Saidar and only men can touch Saidin.


When one Channels they are drawing from and controlling the flow of the One Power from the True Source. Women cannot sense when a man is channeling, as well Men cannot sense when a Woman is channeling.
When you draw on threads of the One power you can use one of the five powers singly or weave them together to accomplish a particular task. There are five different threads to the One Power, each ones energy manipulate one of the elements. Earth, Air, (wind) Fire, Water, and Spirit.
Some tasks only require one of the Powers, such as a weave of fire to light a candle. More complex tasks require more than one of the five powers, such as in healing.

Typically a person who can channel usually has a greater degree of strength with at least one or two of the powers, or may lack ability at all in another. There are also some (though not as many) that may be strong in three or four of the powers.
Not since the Age of Legends has anyone been strong in all five Powers

It is said Men in general are stronger in the use of the One Power than women, or rather that they can handle/channel a larger volume of the power, though women typically can weave in more complexity.
Men are also usually stronger in Earth and Fire, while women tend to be stronger in Water, and/or Air


Channeling without training or guidance can be fatal, and often time is. If they first touch the power unintentionally, they would feel nothing unusual, but suffer a violent reaction days later, that would last up to a few hours.
Headaches, chills, fever, exhilaration, numbness, dizziness and a lack of coordination are only a few of the most usual symptoms.
These symptoms would return after each incident of touching the Source. Each time, reaction comes closer to the actual act of touching, until the two happen almost simultaneously.
At this time the visible reactions stop, however without some training or guidance to learn how control it, they will most certainly die.
Their final days are spent in violent convulsions and screams of agony, there is no known cure at this stage.

Raelyn Caliwell

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