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To the Primary Barrister of the Andorian Crown

Posted: Tue Jan 22, 2019 9:31 pm
by Adolin
*Included in a pile of parchment and other missives is this letter.*

To the Primary Barrister of the Andorian Crown,

An audience is requested at your earliest convenience. My associate and I wish to inquire regarding the purchase of property in Caemlyn's New City district. We anticipate that certain renovations may be necessary and would like to address the various building permits that such an undertaking would require.

Our interest in this plot is two-fold: We wish to contribute to the variety of services and goods available in the city, and we are looking for an investment opportunity that could contribute to the long term stability and prosperity of Caemlyn and greater Andor.

We are current residents at the Davis Estate, which can be located just West and South of Whitebridge.
Snaer and Talana