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In the Attic Study of Davis Manor...

Posted: Tue Dec 25, 2018 8:38 pm
by Eightgenerals
Even in the Attic Study of Davis Manor, Anah could see that the sun was rising. What was to be a productive night of study became productive in a different light, as young Novices to be entered her home and were initiated through the night. They had not the Book of Novices to write their names in, but they had their Novice Whites and their Chores, or would in the morning. Still, it was mildly upsetting that she got less done with her studies than she had planned.
A light rap at the door made her shoulders slump unconsciously before she corrected her posture. How could there be more? It seemed unfeasible. "Enter." She said, as one of the newer housemaids opened the door with a Curtsy. "A-Anah Sedai, these two come bearing a letter for you.."
Anah smiled softly. "Thank you dear. You may go." Two new girls entered the room as the Housemaid Curtsied again, closing the door behind her as she left. Anah could tell; These two were more of the same visitors she had gotten throughout the night.
"Aes Sedai" One said as both curtsied. Their clothes were a bit worn; They'd been on the road for a while, and likely didn't even bother to camp. Foolishness, but with how dangerous the roads had been she couldn't blame them. "Kata Sedai sent us ahead. There were a couple of others with us but she wanted to keep them for a time."
Anah had never met Kata, and didn't know the name, but the letter the girl presented bore the Seal of the Tower, so she had no real reason not to believe them. She broke the Seal with little hesitation and read through the letter quickly. "My, but you two have been through a good deal. From my understanding, you were sent here to continue your education, but there's not much else for us to teach you in terms of control." She folded the letter neatly and stuck it under one of the books on her table. "Of course, the White Tower proper will see things differently, as they often times do. It would be a waste to keep you confined here." She smiled softly, knowingly. "Besides, I get the sense you would find cause to sneak out if I tried to confine you."
The girl that had spoken blushed visibly. The other looked down, as if embarrassed. "If Kata is to be believed, I have no reason to fear you harming yourselves or another at this time. And at the moment, I have need of a service the Estate Guards can not fulfill." She cleared her throat. She had been speaking quite a bit tonight and sleep was calling to her. She stood from her seat and opened a chest against the wall, pulling from it two Dresses and a pouch of gold. She gave each a dress, and the gold to the talkative one. "Wear that when you're here, and visit often." She smiled again. "But that should be enough gold to find you room and board at the inn in Whitebridge. Keep an eye out there, for me. Listen for strange rumors, and keep an eye out for girls you think may benefit from the Towers Education. In exchange, you don't have to listen to one of my sisters in the Brown lecture about the history of some fallen kingdom or some philosophy."
The girls seemed a bit set back, but didn't argue. Instead, they curtsied again, as if to leave. Anah Clapped her hands once, and both jumped. "Before you go, girls, if you would..." She stepped back to her seat behind the table, and sat, steepling her fingers, and watching them carefully.
"Tell me of your time in Shadar Logoth."