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Cael of the Black Hills Nakai

Posted: Tue Mar 05, 2019 11:34 pm
by sacoroth
Cael was born within the Black Cliffs Sept of the Nakai clan. His mother was roofmistress of the family, never having picked up a spear as a Far Dareis Mai. Cael’s father was a member of the warrior society of Sha’Mad Conde. Cael’s father was often away on raids when he was a child, rarely seeing him, he looked up to his father who he saw as the epitome of ji’e’toh. Cael spent his younger years helping his mother and training with the spear with the other children.

Once able to join a warrior society, Cael followed his father’s footsteps and donned his cadin’sor under the Thunder Walkers. For the next several years he took part in raids and defensive actions against other clans. During those years he served as a Gai’Shain for a year and a day after incurring toh against an opposing Far Dareis Mai who he had underestimated.

Upon his return to his clan, Roidan, leader of the Sha’mad Conde, organized a party to raid in to Shienar through the Niamh Passes. Though Roidan did not participate in the raid, he left instructions with Cael’s father about how the raid was to be performed. The raid was successful at first, the Aiel war party managed to get through the Niamh passes without being discovered. Once within Shienar, the group started raiding small villages, taking the fifth and disappearing in to the wetlands.

However, word of the raiding party quickly spread to the local Shienar town of Camron Caan, and a detachment was sent out to deal with the intruders. Two small skirmishes took place between the Thunder Walkers and the Shienar soldiers. The raid culminated in a larger battle near a village which the Thunder Walkers had previously raided that they were travelling through in order to cross back over the spine of the world and in to the three fold land.

Cael donned his shoufa and attempted to fight as well as his brothers, breaking many spears. However, as the fight waged on, he realized that few of his brothers remained standing, his father had fallen and one of the warriors had ordered those remaining to retreat. His last spear broke on a Shienaran shield, and a blade came down, striking through the side of his abdomen.

The warriors disbursed within the trees and Cael attempted to do the same. After several hours, he found himself lost in an unfamiliar land. He could hear pursuers nagging at his every step. As hours turned in to days, Cael no longer heard his pursuers, but found himself becoming weaker, a sudden fever had taken him, an infection had resulted from the wound on his side. He walked for several days, delirious from his illness. He eventually woke once the fever had broken, but he was uncertain how far he’d travelled in to the wetlands and even less certain where to go.

Still recovering from his fevered state and finding himself with no spears and only a loose understanding of the ways which the Sovin Nai do battle, Cael has found himself in a predicament where in he needs to rely on his skills, but may also need to look to the wetlanders for unwelcome help.